Visitation Guidelines

  • The Al-Huda Center may be visited by individuals or by groups. The Center requests that an appointment be made before the visit, by calling the Office at (816)739-5908.
  • All visitors visiting the Al-Huda Center are requested to register their names, addresses and purpose of visit with the Office. Visitors will be provided with a visitor’s badge, and are requested that they wear this badge at all times, while inside the Center.
  • The Al-Huda Center is a non-smoking building, hence smoking inside the Center is not permitted. Use of intoxicants in the Center, or a visit to the Center under its influence is not permitted. The visitors are advised to conduct themselves in a manner befitting a place of worship.
  • All visitors are requested to dress appropriately (dresses such as shorts, sleeveless blouses or T-shirts, tight fitting T-shirts, short skirts should not be worn). Ladies are requested to wear a head scarf. Visitors are also requested to take off their shoes, slippers, sandals, boots etc. when entering the Center, and place them in racks provided at the entrance. The visitors are free to keep on their socks while inside the Center.
  • All visitors are requested to turn off their mobile/cell phones and pagers inside the Islamic Center.
  • Friday is a Muslim holiday. The Muslim community celebrates this day by holding Friday afternoon prayers at the Center. A large number of Muslims gather together for this blessed occasion and take part in the prayers. Learned persons, who generally help the visitors in their pursuit of knowledge about Islam, are engaged like all Muslims in their religious obligations, and therefore are not able to spend as much time with the visitors as would be desired. Therefore, it is recommended that visitors DO NOT select this day to visit the Islamic Center.
  • All visitors are advised to follow the guidelines, and are encouraged to ask questions when something is not clear or not known.

For More Information, please contact us by phone at (816)739-5908

Masjid Etiquettes

  • Please turn off cell phones and pagers during prayers.
  • Please dress properly per the Islamic code.
  • Please keep shoes on the shoe rack.
  • Distributing or posting of fliers without prior approval is strictly prohibited.
  • No overnight sleeping without prior approval.
  • Please help keep the masjid clean and use its resources (water, paper towels, etc), as if they were your own. This is the house of Allah (SWT), so treat it better than your own home.
  • Please monitor small children closely. Keep them beside you before; during and after prayers i.e. do not allow them to run around. If a child begins to cry, it is ok to pick him or her up and continue the prayers.
  • Please talk softly while waiting for the prayer to begin.
  • Please keep silent during the Friday sermon, or it will void your worship.
  • Please wear T-shirts that are appropriate i.e. No skulls, faces or explicit phrases.
  • No smoking inside or outside the masjid.
  • Please make sure that your cars are parked in the appropriate/designated spots.
  • Please do not pray in the walkways, since this is a fire hazard.
  • The last person to leave the masjid should turn off lights and fans.

Dress Code

Visitors should dress modestly to show respect.

Slacks and a nice shirt are recommended.

Non-revealing clothes such as long skirts and long-sleeved shirts are recommended. Loose-fitting slacks with a long-sleeved shirt covering the waist are also acceptable. It is respectful for women to wear a head scarf when attending a mosque.